NprTools and RpTools combined

The features of NprTools are now all included in RpTools. So you get all the features of both of the products at the same time.

Sketchy Shadows added with NprTools
Check the features of both products here: RpTools   - NprTools

Also, check out our new tutorial on Sketchy Shadows in NprTools: Sketchy Shadows Tutorial

RpTreeMaker - New Version

We put out a new version of RpTreeMaker.


This one has a lot of new sliders for adjusting tree parameters, and has flower images as well as bark and leaves.

Check it out at: RpTreeMaker

RpTreeMaker Free is a free integrated plug-in for Google SketchUp that creates realistic trees for SketchUp.

What RpTreeMaker Free means to you...

* A new way to add depth and realism to your SketchUp model.
* Quickly and easily add a large variety of trees to your SketchUp model.
* Create custom trees to match any setting.
* It’s Free!

New for Version 2.0

* New Version contains a library of premade trees. See: Load from Library
* Toolbar for easy access to functions
* Flowers and additional Tree types
* Library of trees

New Free App - RpImageFilters

We have created a new Free Add-on for SketchUp - RpImageFilters. This lets you apply Brightness, Contrast, Sharpen and other filter to images from SketchUp.

Of course, you can already do this with many Paint Programs. But it is handy to do it directly from SketchUp. Also, you can apply several filters - such as Brightness, Contrast and Sharpen to the SketchUp image, then modify your model or view and automatically apply the same three filters to the new image.

Check out the Free App at: RpImageFilters

To download a copy and try it out, visit: Render Plus Downloads]Render Plus Downloads

This Embossed Sample is strange, but shows
what an extreme filter will do to a SketchUp Image:

IRender nXt - Version 3.0 released

IRender nXt Version 3.0 has been released.

There is a new 30-day trial period for the new version if you have already tried IRender nXt and would like to try it again.

See: Version 3.0 for more information, and to check out the more than 20 new features implemented since the release of Version 2.0 a year ago.

IRender nXt review has posted a review of IRender nXt:

"The nXt Renderer by IRender is a rendering plugin that integrates really well with SketchUp. The learning curve on this plugin is very small and you can start rendering almost immediately after installing the plugin. The render quality is pretty good..."

Read more: Review

New Version of IRender nXt

We have released a new version of IRender nXt - the integrated rendering engine for SketchUp.


The latest version adds these features:

- Panoramic Views - creates a full 360 degree panorama with a single rendering.
- Time required to export models cut by 50%
- Automatic positioning of Camera Lights
- Foreground overlays - images, edge lines, watermarks, pattern masking
- Automatic Clay Rendering Mode
- Automatic support for 2 PT Perspective

For a full list of both new and old features see: IRender nXt Features

For more information on IRender nXt, see: IRender nXt

SketchUp [Plugins] Blog: SketchUp Custom Toolbars

SketchUp [Plugins] Blog: SketchUp Custom Toolbars

I just learned about the custom toolbar plugin from Jim Foltz - Custom Toolbars

I used it to organize the commands I use into a couple of toolbars, which hopefully won't get messed up so often.

We also just added a similar feature to IRender nXt. (although it is RpTools which really needs it - I will put it there next)

nXtRender - Low cost, high quality renderings

nXtRender image
nXtRender image

nXtRender is the low cost, easy to use, integrated rendering engine for SketchUp.
  • Lights and Reflections - everything you need for a good, basic rendering
  • Materials, Textures, Transparency and Colors - everything read from the SketchUp material.
See: nXtRender Features
See: nXtRender Feature Comparison ...

SketchUp Plugins Pages

There are two sources of plugins from the SketchUp sites.

This one from the SketchUp Downloads area: SketchUp Plugins

and this one from the SketchUp Sages site: Resources

Check them both out, as well as the plugins on this SketchUp Plugins Blog

ProjectSketch - Office Furniture layouts

ProjectSketch is a free SketchUp add-on distributed by ProjectMatrix for the selection and placement of Commercial Office Furniture in SketchUp drawings.
ProjectSketch is free and includes a generic furniture library with hundreds of 3D contract furniture components. (A multi-manufacturer data subscription that includes CAD data from dozens of major manufacturers is also available.)

RpWallMaker - Free

RpWallMaker Free - 3D walls and openings with depth

RpWallMaker Free is a free add-on for Google SketchUp to create wide walls and cut openings.
  • Running Wide wall entry.
  • Cut holes through both sides of wall.
  • Cut holes to match components.
  • Wall, Door and Windows reports.


SpaceDesign Free - Attributes and Reports

SpaceDesign creates parts lists and reports from your SketchUp model.
  • Assign Attributes to Components
  • Define Report Layout
  • Create Report

RpTreeMaker Free

Fractal Trees for SketchUp

RpTreeMaker Free is a free add-on for Google SketchUp to create custom Tree Components.
  • Create custom, fractal trees for your models
  • Share tree design on the 3D warehouse.
  • Trees will render as full, fractal trees in IRender nXt


Sketchy, Soft, Shadows, and more

NprTools creates Non-Photorealistic Renderings and images from SketchUp models.